Semi-dwarf rye hybrids

Strategies for conservation of agricultural biodiversity in Europe and Canada should consider, that diversity between species is at least as important as diversity within species . However, the knowledge and use of crops that do have minor commercial importance has attracted less attention.

The objective of RYE-SUS is to advance the European and Canadian agriculture and food systems by diversifying and increasing the production of healthy cereal grain for food and feed using a traditional European cereal. RYE-SUS contributes to counteract a global trend of species-poor food supply, stimulating to increased exploitation of the beneficial effects of rye on health. RYE-SUS explains the results and the relevance of plant breeding as a cutting edge technology to policymakers and citizens within a broader socio-economic and policy context.

For this purpose, our communication strategy receives support by implementing professional Communication Design to create visual messages and broadcast them in new and meaningful ways.